All Events Comedy Characters

Our comedy characters can add fun to your party, corporate event, wedding, treasure hunt....

They can entertain throughout the evening or meet and greet your guests, break the ice and get the party mood going.

Comedy characters include:

Comedy Drunk Waiter
The comedy drunk waiter is there to amuse your guests and get them talking. He appears to the guests as an ordinary member of staff, albeit an over-friendly and oddly dressed one. He is there to greet your guests at the drinks reception, then works throughout the meal causing laughter and confusion wherever he goes.
Comedy Bouncersphoto of comedy bouncers
On arrival two comedy security men will check the guests for invitations, bad hairdos and crimes against fashion!
Comedy Cleaning Ladies
These rather masculine 'ladies' will loiter at the entrance, and exchange funny remarks with the incoming guests.

After all the guests have arrived the security men or cleaning ladies mingle causing mayhem and fun wherever they go, to get people laughing and in party mood.

Comedy Fortune Teller
Light-hearted palm reading by a strange gypsy 'woman', who's very funny, but often uncannily close to the mark! Add a touch of mystery and colour to your event.
Comedy Bingo Caller
Country cousin, with unusual dress sense, who, over the course of the evening, provides a fun mix of bingo, quiz and music.
Famous Characters
Have your guests met as they arrive by colourful characters photo of Groucho lookalikesuch as Charlie Chaplin, Groucho Marx, Marilyn Monroe, Beetlejuice, Austin Powers, Freddie Kruger, Cap'n Jack Sparrow, James Bond, Molly Malone, X-Factor Judges, James Joyce, Brendan Behan, Arthur Guinness, Elvis... photo of Gimli Lookalike

For a themed party, you could also have suitable characters such as paparazzi, spies, pirates, border guards...whatever suits the occasion, All Events can provide!