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A Murder Is Announced!

  • Fancy Yourself a budding Poirot, Marple, or Sherlock?
  • Our Murder Mystery Nights are full of fun, excitement, intrigue, and Murder Most Foul!!
  • We test your little grey cells, but in a light-hearted way, providing drama and laughs in equal measure!!

A Murder Mystery is suitable for groups of any size, (corporate or private) and can take place in the venue of your choice, in a restaurant, hotel, golf club etc.

During your meal, our professional actors will enact scenes, giving valuable clues to a murder which will take place before your very eyes! Your mission is to use these clues to find whodunnit.

We have a number of readymade scripts, on themes such as Hollywood, Gangsters, Irish, etc., and we can also write or adapt one to suit your needs. We can use harmless information about your guests, provided by you, to personalise the night.

A Murder Mystery entertains your guests, while leaving them free to chat among themselves.

What is a murder mystery?

A murder mystery is a sequence of events acted out on a particular night, usually over dinner, in front of a group of guests ultimately leading to the untimely death of one of the characters!

This is done by the characters enacting scenes in front of the guests, usually in conversational style. These scenes give the guests valuable clues as to the relationships between different characters and the plot and possible sub-plots going on.

At the start of the night when the guests are shown to their tables they find Murder Mail. This mail lists the different characters in that night's plot, with a brief description of each. The guests use this during the night as a reference to the different characters and often find it useful for jotting down valuable clues.

The characters all sit at the one table and act as if no one can hear their private conversations/arguments.

At various stages throughout dinner, the characters mingle with the guests to involve them in the murder mystery. They chat to them, confide in them, flirt with them, whatever is suitable to the particular character.

During the various dinner courses the scenes are acted out, usually 10 to 12 depending on the intricacy of the plot. As the last scene draws near, the relationships between all characters are well established and each will have shown a valid reason for wanting the victim dead. Over dessert one of the characters dies.

After the murder has been committed, the body is removed from the room and the remaining characters are then available for questioning by the guests for a limited period. Murder Mystery Answer Sheets are distributed to each table/guest as decided by the organisers. The guests must say who the murderer is, how the murder was committed and what the motive was.

The answer sheets are then collected and the winner determined. In the case of a draw, the table/guest with the motive closest to the truth is the Murder Mystery winner!